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Originally Posted by copse View Post
Well, I was more hoping to see reverse engineering projects in this topic, rather than the binary output that have come from reverse engineering, so I guess I was trying to move in the direction of the topic I was interested in when I posted this thread. So I was asking in that sense, rather than in a religious open source everything sense.

I personally find it sad when someone disassembles something and releases a modified version of it, and does not release the source code with it. There's so much of interest that could be seen in the source code. Is it a rough reassembling, or did they comprehensively disassemble and comment it. Did they make it relocatible or keep it loading an an absolute address. Etc. Perhaps they even did what that frontier project did (I should look for a link and post it here) where they wrote a disassembler and binary translator or something. Or maybe someone play around with it and build something further interesting on it, that they weren't inspired to with the other DM reverse engineerings that come with source code.

But it's up to you, of course.
It starts with a rough reassembling. Then some parts gets understood and are partially or totally rewritten, getting comments in the process. Most of the code usually remains more or less what it was, being altered just to make it work.

I never keep things at an absolute address, i always make all my stuff relocatable - hard to do with Back to the Golden Age for example, but DM was already this way.

The problem is that either the code got rewritten and doesn't have much in common with the original anymore, or it didn't and wasn't even commented. So in either case you won't have much info about the way the original program worked.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
From what I read it looks like Meynaf is at ease with the idea of releasing the source but is just wondering whether that will interest anyone.
The problem is more about understanding rather than simply being interested by it or not.

Another thing. This kind of project is quite BIG. DM is something like 700-800kb source, and HOMM2 is 4MB. All of pure asm of course. Who will dig into this ??

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
And, although I will probably never have the time to dive too deep into it I must say that yes, this is interesting. Especially if there are a few comments to help understand the overall structure.
There are usually quite many comments in my code. But i write them in French because it's more practical to me. Can you read them ?
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