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Need beta testers for new Amiga ProTracker 2.3E version

I've made a new ProTracker version (v2.3E), based on a disassembly and re-source of PT2.3D. I've basically fixed a million PT2.3D bugs. I've also removed the DMAWait concept (busy loop), which has been replaced with a scanline wait. This means that PT2.3E won't have that strange audio bug on fast Amigas. No need to tweak that DMAWait value. Besides, it was maxed out at 9999 which was not enough for 68060 @ 50MHz or higher.

Here's the beta archive (it will be updated every now and then):
Source code + graphics pack/depack tools (use asmpro):

IRC: #protracker @ IRCnet

Thanks to hoffman and Miikka for some of the 128kB sample support code.
The changelog is rather huge, check -> PT2.3E.s (in notepad or whatever).

- Why not make a new 3.x version?
* Because 3.x never appealed to me, it always felt incomplete and messy.

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