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I've always bought all my Amiga gear for fair prices - I refuse to pay more than what I think it should go for. The market can go to hell - it's filled with scalpers and I won't be a part in it.

Some examples:

A1200 in Italy (2009) complete with joysticks, cables and PSU - 30EUR
A1200 here in UK (2014) complete with joysticks, cables and PSU - FREE
A500 here in UK (2014) bare - FREE
8MB RAM Card for A1200 (eBay in 2009) complete with 8MB RAM - 15EUR
8MB RAM Card for A1200 (eBay in 2010) bare - 20EUR
Broken Apollo 1240 (eBay in 2010) bare - 30EUR (repaired it and it works now, it's a MACH131 one so it's going to be upgraded one day)
Broken Blizzard PPC (eBay in 2010) - 100EUR (screw the guy who sold me that blasted thing, the oscillator pins were FUBAR and he didn't mention any of it)
Fully pimped A4000 (random guy on internet in 2012) with 3640, 16MB RAM, Picasso II, Kick 3.1, Multisync 13" - 250EUR

I once refused a fully boxed CD32 for 60EUR because I thought it was too much
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