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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
And who would develope games for it? Surely no majors, only a few indie developer maybe. And then it ends fast. You remember the Ouya console?
Maybe you should ask the guys who are pursuing this campaign, I'm just the messenger (and not even a Sega fanboi)
but my *impression* is that they want modernized hardware that is easy to connect to and hook up to modern TVs.
(probably for the same reason we look forward to Vampire 600 v2 with HDMI out and SD card hard drive etc..)
What they want is to continue to play existing software (but rendered at higher resolutions) and also to embrace the existing indy Dev community.
Not sure why so many in this forum automatically assume this console must sell millions of units, compete with PS4 or it will be a failure.
Pretty sure that's not the goal here for this campaign anyway.

As a collector I always look forward to obscure consoles manufactured in low quantities.. So if this thing ever comes out I'll be buying it and leave it in the box in mint condition 😆
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