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Originally Posted by FromWithin View Post
I wrote the FX player originally for Wiz'n'Liz. Rik Ede had done the music and sound effects, but he'd just sampled the sound effects from the original MegaCD version. They took up too much RAM to fit in the game and sounded like arse so I wrote the FX player to solve that. The MegaCD one had been finished and released a while before that point, so it was just a case of creating sounds that were equivalent to the MegaCD version. I then started on the music for the SNES version of the game, but it got canned.
Interesting tidbits of information! Thanks for sharing.

Have you ever been interviewed by CodeTapper? You should ping him so he does, I am sure you and him would have a very fruitful exchange for our reading pleasure.
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