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SCSI2SD availability

For anyone within North America, you are invited to order additional SCSI2SD adapter bundles (with a choice of microSD densities) at or on eBay, at

Purchases of three or more units at once will have a 10% discount automatically applied, and flat-rate shipping of $5.25 within the US48.

The firmware that was flashed at the factory for the current batch of SCSI2SD adapters which is being sold is 4.4. I'm happy to update units you order from me; It takes about 30 seconds to do.

Firmware revision 4.6 was just released on January 11th of 2016, and improves and addresses the following issues:
  • Fixed bug when using sector size that isn't a multiple of 4 (eg. 522 bytes)
  • Fixed a bug that caused hanging or scsi phase errors on high speed scsi hosts.
  • Fixed a hang when processing a SCSI RESET in a data phase.
  • scsi2sd-util: Fixed USB connection problems under Windows 10.
  • Added option to treat LUNs as separate devices
  • Improved boot up time. It is now possible to replace the bootloader with a version that doesn't pause for 2 seconds (bootloader). This is required on some Amigas. Replacing the bootloader CAN BRICK YOUR DEVICE if it fails half-way, so do not attempt this unless necessary.

In order to update your firmware, you need an Intel PC, Mac, or Linux machine. Firmware itself is flashed to the device with a micro-USB cable, using the scsi2sd-util program, which you can get from, as well as this firmware bundle
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