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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
I'm curious, when those games were being developed, at what stage was the sound design factored in? Were they ideas you had already been experimenting with?
I wrote the FX player originally for Wiz'n'Liz. Rik Ede had done the music and sound effects, but he'd just sampled the sound effects from the original Megadrive version. They took up too much RAM to fit in the game and sounded like arse so I wrote the FX player to solve that. The Megadrive one had been finished and released a while before that point, so it was just a case of creating sounds that were equivalent to the Megadrive version. I then started on the music for the SNES version of the game, but it got canned.

Last Action Hero music was started pretty early. We had info about the film from Sony quite a while before it was released. The game was originally meant to be an in-house-developed game for the MegaCD. That got canned leaving me to do the music only on the Amiga version that I put far too much effort into considering how the game ended up. I probably spent about 6 weeks on it. For the sound effects it was just a case of sampling any old punch noises I could get from various films. I think they probably sent me a list of things that they wanted but I didn't spend much time on them.

Brian The Lion was done reasonably late on. Rik had done the music and I used my player again for the sound effects. Reflections sent me a list of sounds for each level. I don't think I even saw most of the levels so didn't see what the sounds were being applied to for the most part. I wish I could go back in time and replace that awful jump noise.

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