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Amiga Mentioned In Computer Music 226

Well, I picked up Computer Music this month and noticed that there's a wee bit of a mention of our beloved Amiga within its pages

No need to get mega excited, as it's really just a reference, but it is mentioned in fondness, and the lead article, 'Stereo Science', does include a bit about how the author started out using trackers on the Amiga and used various techniques to give more stereo space and balance.

As I read it I was thinking about how I currently use Cubase 8.5 for the stuff my band does and how, effectively, modern DAWs are really just Trackers with a few more (OK, a LOT more) bells and whistles.... But the principle is the same.

Anyway, I thought I'd mention it, just in case anyone buys or reads the mag occasionally and wants to check it out... Or sneak a cheeky look in WH Smiths when nobody's looking!
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