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I seem to recall a bit of shareware on an Amiga mag cover disk from w-a-y back that effectively took a 256x256 tile and expanded it to make a flat plane that you could 'drive' about on. There was no actual game, but the demo did include a track with tarmac, grass and that red/white kerb that always gets added to driving games

I'll try to rack my brains and dig around t'internet to see if I can find it, as it ran quite well on an A500 and does work as a proof-of-concept.

I suppose the real issue would be getting the effect to run at a good speed, while also taking care of the rest of the game code/logic...

WRT MarioKart on the SNES - I remember playing 2-player back in the day and totally loving it. Each to their own, I suppose
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