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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
When I ordered, I made a user for that shop, and had to go to my profile to fill in my adress. Basically it seems to be a minor flaw in the design of webshop purchase flow.
Minor? That is a major flaw when you try to make someone give you money.
The rule 1 of commerce on the Internet is "make it as simple as possible for the customer, not for you, the seller/website-coder".

Every little step between seeing the product page and clicking the "buy" button discourages a large fraction of customers. The more steps exist, the less purchases you will have. And asking for the money before the address via an indirect procedure is not just a step, it's a huge gap (and moreover the order should be inverted) which some lawyers could consider constitutes fraud since it effectively allows collecting money without having first made sure the product can reach the customer. Obviously, that is probably not what is happening here but it is still very flawed design nonetheless which might cause a lot of buyers to become very angry if they do not figure the system out.

Also I must add, what is the justification for yet another "must login to purchase" Amiga site? If anything, this decreases the number if customers(remember: it adds several unnecessary steps to the buying process).
They just need to keep track of address, email address and payment, this does not add any value for the user nor for the site (except maybe entertain the fantasy of having a captive customer base?).

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