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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
@meynaf: would like to see this Zorgon version!
I've put it here :
I don't remember the exact details, though.
You can try the alt, shift and amiga keys for moving if using a real amiga keyboard. On uae it's better to use the numpad (just setup uae so it doesn't do numpad joystick mapping).

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Btw I wrote Amoric back in days...
I know, i used it to verify the display for my zorgons game port

Originally Posted by copse View Post
Excellent work on the bug reporting then!

Is your source code available for both? Did you detail any of the programming work you did in other forum threads?
Source code is not available and i didn't give any detail. I guess i could give the sources away, but who can do something with that ?
It's a rewrite in asm (well, a partial rewrite for dm) so people who are interested in how the original code works can't use these (and dm has extra features i needed for my dungeons).
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