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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post

Beta 2:

- Game Ports panel keyboard layouts didn't load from config file. (b1)
- Only first (of 3) Input panel keyboard config slot was loaded correctly. (b1)
- Other input handling fixes (very old, old and b1) and updates. Some problems probably still remain unfixed.
- GUI allowed unsupported combination: more compatible CPU ticked in JIT + 68040/68060 modes.
- Hardfile SCSI emulation READ CAPACITY block count off by one if PMI bit was set.
- MODE SENSE (10) added to HD SCSI emulator.

This should fix most b1 input compatibility problems. Complain immediately if old Game Ports or Input panel input mapping does not work anymore. (But rememeber to explain it better than "it does not work" )
2 betas in 1 week? Appreciated!
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