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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
Have the feeling that the engine could run in hi-res no interlace to reduce the visible chunkiness, a bit like the unreal phase 1 and Big Run, but should look nice enough with a witty palette choice and a split between rotating and non-rotating areas
Ah. I think you might want to revise your knowledge of the hardware.

Copper chunky blocks are smallest when in low resolution. Only then has the Copper enough DMA bandwidth available to change colors at maximum speed.

In hires 16 colors Copper chunky is simply impossible because there is zero DMA available for anything else than the display. Hires with 4 colors is equivalent in terms of DMA bandwidth to lowres 16 colors so in this mode you could have copper chunky but it would still be limited to 8 pixel blocks.

All in all, the best mods for Copper chunky is lowres 4 or 8 colors since they give max DMA capacity to the Copper and still allow for some blitter time.

The MegaDrive is advantaged there because displaying its sprites on top of the "mode7" road costs it almost no CPU at all.
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