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Shatterhand, I had never heard of Blur. Looks really awesome! What platforms was it released on?
X360, PS3 and PC.

The PC version does not have the split screen multiplayer AFAIK, only the console versions. I have it for my X360. I honestly think it's one of the best games on the system.

Street Racer was released for a lot of system (even for Amiga), each system got a different version. I think it was released for SNES, Mega-Drive, Sega Saturn, PC and Amiga. Each one is different. The Saturn version is the one I know does feel a lot like Mario Kart indeed, but it's faster and you can punch people. Punching is unlimited. This alone makes it a lot different from Mario Kart. There are some cool power ups, like timed dynamited that you can pass around by punching other cars. It was made by Vivid Image, of First Samurai and Second Samurai fame.

The racing engine is pretty solid. It's a fun game.
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