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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Copper chunky is more limited on OCS than gasega68k's technique because one can only do 8 pixel wide blocks border to border with the copper while he manages something like 4 pixel wide blocks thanks to the tiled graphic of the console. But this said, this could probably still be nice enough. Moreover, copper chunky has the advantage of using the full 4096 color while the console is limited to 64 colors.

If the MegaDrive can project a texture mapped floor with 4 pixel blocks then the A500 can do 8 pixel blocks without problem since they have a very similar CPU and writing copper chunky pixel is likely as efficient as preparing the corresponding tile on the console.
Have the feeling that the engine could run in hi-res no interlace to reduce the visible chunkiness, a bit like the unreal phase 1 and Big Run, but should look nice enough with a witty palette choice and a split between rotating and non-rotating areas
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