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As I said, yes, my opinion, but how was it genre defining? It was a racing game, still is.
I love the Mario Kart franchise, but I never found the original to be too great.
And no, I am not 70 years old, I also was young when it came out but I failed to see what made it so great. I didn't have a SNES back then but my cousin did, and we ended up playing F-zero a lot more, although that sadly misses multiplayer.. Also i don't think SNES had 4 player alexh, wasn't that the N64 version? Totally different game.

I can understand how the multiplayer features could be interesting, but I couldn't call this genre defining. I never considered "kart racer" a genre, I just saw lots of shitty Mario Kart clones after it. Fron everything said in this thread it seems the nivel feature of Mario Kart is the display mode, and that isn't enough for me to call it genre defining. Aren't there other elements that make Mario Kart what it is? What are they? How bad a try at this type of game was Bump n Burn and why?
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