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New version in The Zone. It's preview v2. Music added, thanks for adrdesign. Fixed blinking sprites in last level. I just write simple multiplexer for four sprites and works fine.
Any comments/ remarks are welcome.

@Toni Galvez. About porting Gradius/Nemesis and Salamander. I'm really sorry but I have some many unfinished projects and first I must finish them. I can't promise. But I like shumps a lot.

I forget to add information about game and A500 512KB users. Game still works with A500 512KB, but music is loaded dynamically (when is needed). If there is possibility to allocate 321 kb memory then all modules are loaded into memory. So loading process for floppy users with machines with more memory will be longer. I used ReOrg to speed up loading time of music module.

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