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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
And it is the sad truth. The hardcore Sega fans wouldn't like the idea of game streaming box. And the few that might like the idea are irrelevant.
Well most of these retro revival attempts fail, we the ppl in Amigaland are obviously painfully aware of that..
And recently the Retro- console (the one using old Atari Jaguar moulds) failed spectacularly at indie gogo.
So the default and easy answer is that anyone who thinks different is crazy - and statistics may even support that claim. ;-)

SEGA has not had a good year financially. The company execs are probably sitting there trying to figure out how to turn the losses into profits. How they do that exactly is obviously the billion dollar question. We've all seen how just a few moments of poor judgement can doom a company.
I honestly don't know where in the long list of potential stuff to do to fix the financials the idea of a new console sits. Probably near the bottom of that list..

However, claiming that SEGA simply wont touch the "hardware question" is not accurate. Look at all the expensive "crap" they are producing...

SEGA is not only a software company. maybe you don't have any Arcades left where you live but I just visited the last one left in my town and there were a bunch of big, recent (2013-2014) arcade games made by SEGA, so their future focus is not so easy to determine.
Just sayin. ..

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