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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
Well i know there are games on the 1200 that use the pseudo chunky to create the floor in 3d, however after seen two (still in progress) homebrew for megadrive that use a pseudo mode 7 too, i wonder how feasible is to create a mario kart clone on OCS/ECS 68000, even with strong limitations, like 4x4 chunky street, at the end if the game is funny i think would not be that bad...

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thread on Sega-16

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This is a question I have also been asking myself since I saw the work of gasega68k (the Brazilian coder who invented and coded the MegaDrive/Genesi technique which allows to emulate the perspective texture mapped effect of Mode7) but what I thought of cloning was F-Zero, not Mario Kart.

Copper chunky is more limited on OCS than gasega68k's technique because one can only do 8 pixel wide blocks border to border with the copper while he manages something like 4 pixel wide blocks thanks to the tiled graphic of the console. But this said, this could probably still be nice enough. Moreover, copper chunky has the advantage of using the full 4096 color while the console is limited to 64 colors.

Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
Onto the original question, I really don't think you would have much hope of reproducing mode 7 on A500 and have a game running as well.
If the MegaDrive can project a texture mapped floor with 4 pixel blocks then the A500 can do 8 pixel blocks without problem since they have a very similar CPU and writing copper chunky pixel is likely as efficient as preparing the corresponding tile on the console.

It is technically doable. Will it look good enough to play a game with?
I would say yes, but the proof is in the final game.

If you guys are patient enough, F-Zero is in my list of projects as I said above.
Once it is written I will gladly license the engine to anyone who wants but do not hold your breath for now.
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