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Although the automatic whdload support in FS-UAE's launcher is brilliant, especially when combined with the Attract Mode frontend plus Emumovies previews to give a nice menu selection, I would still love to also run my WHD games from WinUAE.

I would like to revisit this and, ideally, succeed in making a 6GB .hdf file that works with standard A1200 WB and holds all Whdloads. I installed PFS3 All-In-One (well, I copied over some files), but now I am lost. I forgot what an absolute nightmare HD installation is under Workbench 3. I have to know numbers and hex-values? Where do I select my file system? If somebody has a simple four step guide what to click to setup a 6GB HD and format it, that would be awesome.

Otherwise, and this is probably what I will end up doing now that I think about it, I think I will just create two 3 Gb partitions, since I can use IGame to select my games from a single list (using two separate source directories in IGame config). If setting up the 6GB HD is too much, I might go with that route. I can't wait to have all WHD games easily selectable, now that I forked out for the official key from WEPL (got it in my mail just an hour after payment and it works brilliantly, yay!)

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