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Originally posted by CodyJarrett
I'm going on holiday from tomorrow until Sunday 15th June, so the FTP will be offline, as I'll be shutting down my PC tomorrow morning.
ANOTHER holiday? Jeez, I should move to Europe. This is your third holiday since I have had one! I am supposed to have 10 days of my 2+ weeks of "vacation" in a few weeks, but the bloodthirsty pigs I work for have stripped it down to about a week (maybe less) and I never even got all of mine from last year yet! Sheesh! North Carolina is what is known as a "right to work" they came up with that name is anybody's guess, but it basically means an employer can fire you at any time for any reason. Right to work? Anyhow, I must assume it is also a right to exploit state, as well. (sigh)

/me remains depressed until I die...
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