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Interesting retro reverse engineering links

I wondered if anyone might want to share retro reverse engineering projects they may be following.

Here are some that provide information of use (source code or resource save files) to others wanting do disassemble the same projects:

Game Specific

Bagman Arcade. An conversion/remake by jotd with source (GPL license) and binaries provided.

Bards Tale Amiga (Discussion: 1). A picture viewer by Kroah for all Bard's Tale games, with source and binaries.

  • Amiga (Discussion: 1). Original game resource files, and lists of names for addresses in further discussion. Extended levels resource files.
  • Amiga/Atari ST/PC (Discussion: 1).

Cadaver Amiga (Discussion: 1). Kroah has provided a tool with source code, to view levels, scripts and entities.

Chaos Engine Amiga CD32 (Discussion: 1). Kroah has provided a tool to browse maps and sprites, binaries provided, source likely available on request.

Clocktower - The First Fear SNES. Development diary of reverse engineering process for purposes of translation.

Curse of the Azure Bonds PC. I guess this is more or less complete, but it's rewritten in C# with source and binaries provided.

Dungeon Master.
  • Chaos Strikes Back for Windows Atari ST. A C++ portable remake/conversion of CSB by Paul Stevens, with binaries and source available.
  • DSB. A Lua remake with editor by Sophia using DM/CSB assets, with binaries and source (basic disclaimer license) provided.
  • Reverse Engineered Dungeon Master/Chaos Strikes Back. By Christophe Fontanel, contains source code (C language and a few parts in assembly) for all executable code on the game disk of all known Atari ST versions. The source code is as accurate as possible: once compiled with the Megamax C compiler version 1.1 (also supplied in the package) it generates machine code nearly identical to the one in the original games. a Has list of all known bugs and all changes between versions as well as a detailed description of the copy protection, and some more.

First Samurai Amiga (Discussion 1). Kroah has provided a level viewer, with source and binaries.

Frontier Elite II Amiga/ST. This project appears to translate the m68k machine code and run it natively.

Gods Amiga (Discussion: 1). Kroah has created a viewer that shows items, enemies, moving platforms, puzzles, events and how they trigger each other. Binaries and source code are provided.

Magic Pockets Amiga (Discussion: 1). Kroah has provided a viewer for files, maps and sprites, with C# source and binaries provided.

Outrun Arcade (Discussion 1). A conversion/remake for Windows with source (MAME license) and binaries provided.

Prince of Persia Apple II. Development diary of the conversion process from Apple II to the C64, with binary release.

Speedball 2 Amiga (Discussion: 1). A PC conversion/remake by Kroah with source and binaries.

Starwars: Yoda Stories PC. Development diary on the process of reverse engineering this game.

Wipeout PSX. A web-based viewer for maps, with source code provided.


Kroah has worked on lots of interesting projects, but seems to have lacked time to work on it for a while.

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