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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
This will probably be the outcome and would take more than crowd funding to make it a reality.
Ye there are a whole lot of "ifs" here but at least the Shenmue 3 kickstart showed there's at least some cash available in that crazy Sega fanboi group ;-)
I'm not sure what kind of hardware they would try to make but as I said previously, I don't think there is any reasonable hope for a dedicated console and I'm pretty sure Sega senses that.
However, ill repeat myself again and state that the idea of a Sega branded Steam machine could lure in some of those fanbois. If you intend to buy a Steam Machine, why not a Sega with their exclusive library of their own stuff, the competitors are a pretty boring bunch IMO. Then again..the whole steam machine concept is not guaranteed to succeed either, but at least the hardware wouldn't be wasted...
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