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Originally Posted by RobertJDohnert View Post
You can stand by it all you want but its wrong. Plain and simple.
Wrong how, wrong why?

You claimed that an admin within GitHub whom you are personally acquainted with placed the exact time of the DMCA notice and the takedown occured on Wednesday, January 6th.

I do not question that the takedown notice on Wednesday succeeded. The redacted takedown notice text suggests that it was Cloanto who eventually managed to disable the four repositories involved. I cannot verify that the takedown notice was served and the repositories were disabled on the same day.

My claim is that this was not the first DMCA takedown request to be submitted, that it was submitted by Hyperion on 31st December 2015 and that it was not processed until January 4th 2016 when it was rejected.

I have firsthand knowledge about this unsuccessful DMCA takedown notice. I put it to you that given that you have a source at GitHub, it could be possible for you to verify this claim I made. A DMCA takedown notice being what it is, the details and the e-mail correspondence between GitHub and Hyperion will be on file.

Secondly, when did you become a spokesman or an employee for Hyperion or Cloanto? I dont know what kind of strange perversion you are getting out of this whole ordeal but its over. Really this whole leak is none of your business or non of your affair. If you turned in Github or any of the other 10 download sites you can get it from now, good for you. You deserve a lollipop. But otherwise man get on with real life. I sure as hell wouldnt be making defensive statements for either of those companies unless they paid me a crap ton of money to do it.
Ick. This is unnecessarily angry and rude.

It seems your account on this forum was created very recently, you only posted three times, and the wording of your message attempts to stir up trouble. Sir, I believe you are trolling me.

For what it's worth:

You are asking the wrong question. I have worked as a consultant in this crazy Amiga business since 1989, never as an employee. I even made money in this business, never burnt bridges, tried hard to be good guy (which sounds easier than it really is, believe me). As far as I know Hyperion and Cloanto do not have spokesmen, the respective busines owners handle these affairs all on their own. These are small operations after all.

I am the uncommon type of Amiga person who does have a dog in this fight, so to speak, and who has responsibilities to other persons involved in the same line of work. This is why I chose to comment on the matter at hand, which I believe is appropriate.

I was not involved in going after the download sites whose number you place at 10 (seems awfully low to me). Considering how much work must have been involved in that task, and me not even lending a hand, I would say that I would not deserve even a lollipop.

I am getting on with real life, thank you for mentioning it. Could be better, could be worse, I suppose. I (uncharacteristically) cheerfully choose to believe that it really could be worse, and hope that it will get better still.

It is possible that Amiga users exist who do not feel contempt or pity for Hyperion or Cloanto, and holding this point of view does not necessarily require money to be paid. This is a small market and margins are thin, enough said. Whether or not you want to be part of such a group, or rather the other group, or rather the group who does not care either way is, of course, your prerogative. As is the amount of money you could hope to ask either Hyperion or Cloanto to pay you in order to influence your decision.

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