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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
It is interesting to note that H&P apparently were only provided with V40 sources, that is very strange...
If I remember correctly, Haage & Partner only had very limited access to the v40 source code. The replacements for the preferences editors fell into that category, for example, which could not have been created without knowledge about the underlying framework. The bulk of the changes which were founded directly on official v40 source code came by Heinz Wrobel and myself. Workbench 3.5 had originally been intended to be an Amiga Technologies GmbH product, and by the time there was only Amiga International left standing which did not have an R&D section. Hence the deal with Haage & Partner.

BTW I have found an incompatibility between intuition.library 42.86 and CygnusEd Pro 4.20.
That and other surprises should be expected To the best of my knowledge work on this branch of intuition.library was never concluded, with the Commodore bancruptcy putting an end to development and testing. Also, in early 1994 modern RTG solutions (CyberGraphX, Picasso96) were still years away. At the time I believe there were only three contenders (Picasso II, Macrosystem Retina and EGS), and like its successors (CyberGraphX, Picasso96) these relied upon knowledge of register usage and data structure layout which does not necessarily still apply to the intuition.library 42.86 you tested.

During my own work, for example, I found that under my intuition.library port Picasso96 would allocate bitmaps only from chip memory, making the whole RTG system dog slow.

There are bound to be more surprises, not all of them fun.
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