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Originally Posted by Gilloo View Post
For info, both pctask hdd and aboot.ctrl file have ABOOT at the start of the file. That's why I kept only this *precious* file from my bridgeboard.
Ok, then it should work. It is not easy to debug janus side problems, it does not really mention anything if things go wrong (for example aboot file path can't be found)

Perhaps there is a way to transform an aboot file into a hdf usable by a emulated PC controller... by cutting this header.

5 1/4 double face single density disk corresponds to what kind of winuae disk type ?
How to make a disk image of 5 1/4 disk ? (I got all msdos 3.30 files borrowed with the bridgeboard but not the exact directory of a 5 1/4 disk boot disk)
The floppy disk image I can create with pctask is 3,5 double face single density (custom MFM 2MBit), and contains msdos+janus utility mixed...
(It can boot pctask with it)
80 tracks is practically always the correct choice. Disk physical size does not matter, emulation autodetects disk type from size of image file. (Sidecar may require 40 tracks, don't remember anymore..)

Note that raw (extended adf, ipf etc..) images are not supported. It must be normal PC image (.img)

Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
I think something is wrong with last unofficial test version (
I get a Guru Meditation (all x86 Bridgeboards) if I boot a hard disk image.
No problems with the last official WinUAE 3.3.0 Beta (winuae_3300b1.7z).
Works again now.

Remember again that that file is only meant to be used for specific tests.
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