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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't think you can use pctask to create bridgeboard compatible HDF, bridgeboard HDF has extra identifier block at the begining (starts with ABOOT I think) before actual data starts.
For info, both pctask hdd and aboot.ctrl file have ABOOT at the start of the file. That's why I kept only this *precious* file from my bridgeboard.

Perhaps there is a way to transform an aboot file into a hdf usable by a emulated PC controller... by cutting this header.

5 1/4 double face single density disk corresponds to what kind of winuae disk type ?
How to make a disk image of 5 1/4 disk ? (I got all msdos 3.30 files borrowed with the bridgeboard but not the exact directory of a 5 1/4 disk boot disk)
The floppy disk image I can create with pctask is 3,5 double face single density (custom MFM 2MBit), and contains msdos+janus utility mixed...
(It can boot pctask with it)
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