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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Done. debug.cpp and debug.h are the main files. Then try compiling and finding all changed calls here and there until no more errors
Nice! Thanks.

After a cursory look, the heatmap code seems simple enough to isolate from the rest. Now I can only hope that the FS-UAE dev version is not too distant from this last commit. I will probably create a branch from an ancestor version to the latest FS-UAE version and the beta, which I will then merge your last commit to, excising only the heatmap related code. Then if Frode wants it he will be able to pull that into the dev version.
I am not too sure it is a good idea though because I don't know Git's algorithm well enough to figure out if it would handle well potential merges back into WinUAE but that is a problem for later times.

Unfortunately I must work overtime this weekend so I won't be able to touch that today. Maybe later in the week if I can free some time in the morning.

Thanks again for the update.

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