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Originally Posted by sigma63 View Post
I also realised, that accessing a Real IDE-ZIP-Device at the PC-Mainboard-IDE connected via"Add Harddrive" through the onboard IDE of A4000 (scsi.device) does not forward this Write-Protection-Status in the Mode Sense 6.
In this config you are using KS ROM scsi.device's SCSI emulation, UAE's scsi emulator is not in use:

Amiga-side SCSI command -> IDE scsi.device -> SCSI command translated to IDE command -> IDE command sent to hardware -> UAE IDE emulator receives it -> translates it to host OS block read/write command, not IDE or SCSI, just a normal read/write command, this also means emulated IDE IDENTIFY DRIVE does not return exactly same data as same physical drive in real Amiga, same with SCSI. (Special 3rd party drivers would be needed to send IDE/SCSI commands directly to physical HD device under Windows)
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