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Originally Posted by sigma63 View Post
OK, i played a little bit with the new SX32-Pro Accelerator.

I have some Questions. Bcause there is no Quickstart for CD32 with this SX32-Pro-Baby, you have to configure all by hand. After you selected the Accelerator in Expansions as DCE/SX32Pro und selecting the apropriate ROM-File, you must manualy change the CPU to 68030 and MMU enabled. Additionally there is neither the Clock-Chip nor the IDE-Interface activated. So i guess, i have to manually select them also.
But wich ones shall i select?
SX32Pro from emulation point of view has only different memory expansion and boot rom is only used to add the RAM (There are no drivers). This is the only unique part that gets emulated when SX32Pro is selected.

Everything else is standard, Gayle IDE (A1200) and so on. Enable them manually.

You don't even need SX32Pro to fully enable IDE or clock or whatever in CD32 emulation. Standard KS ROM supports them.
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