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old Amiga tutorials?

I have been off Aos for ages; and forgot all the little tricks and stuff about how to acutally use it beyond the basics.

I still have the original manuals, but can't find much of what I need; can someone help me to find some good tutorials?

In particular I am having hard time with these:

1) screen resolution on modern monitor: Indivision works fine but I have no understanding of the relation between what the Amiga output and what the Indivision does. I see a resolution on my corner area of the screen, but ofthen the Amiga resolution changes, result in image totally off scale or unreadable text. So far the only one that is both readable and decently mall is the high res interlaced PAL mode.

2) How do you assign a file type? I recall something related to datatypes, so if you have the right datatype for the right file extension, you can open it. Although I am not sure if that assign is done automagically when you put the datatype in the appropriate OS folder, or if there is more to do.

I am using ClassicWB BTW, the full V28 version

3) the exe files on Amiga, are executable by double click on it by default? I have a ton of demos in a folder (like the 4k or 16k demos), but I can't run them since when I run with double click, nothing happens. Or do I have to change permissions for the files?

I know that such questions are pretty basic; 25 years ago I would be able to do most of the work on my Miggy, but today, I have no recollection of how many things were done. I am surprised that even youtube has nothing going on, as far as tutorial videos on how to use AmigaOs in general. You can find everything on youtube nowadays
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