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I'm somewhere in the middle of this dispute, I guess... I LOVE the real deal (real hardware) and I agree that there's something to do with the physical part of things that just isn't "emulatable".

But... I also agree that UAE has reached a tremendous level of sophistication and is able to provide a rock-solid Amiga experience with the added benefit of being an A500, an A1200, an A4000, a CD32, etc... all-in-one.

Yet there's something to real hardware that just draws me to it which, as I said above, just isn't replicable via emulation. Thus the utter love and dedication that I nurture for my Amigas (never achieved by any PC I've owned) and why I usually resort to my trusty old A500 to play while only rarely using the impeccably impressive WinUAE on my over-performing i7.

Despite that, though, I would NEVER pay more than 100€ for an A1200, even with the aforementioned Blizzard board. Yes, call me cheap, call me whatever you want, but I just think that these sort of prices over such an old (and, lets face it, useless) hardware are SPECULATIVE at best, offensive at worst. I once considered buying an A1200 to make company to my two A500 but I gave up on the idea when I saw the prices. So these steep prices are keeping carefree hobbyists like myself from actually buying Amigas... thus, as some of you have said, this sort of status quo benefits the rich/spending-shoppers/hoarders in detriment of the common Joe. Hey... it's one of the fundamental laws of Smithian economics, right? Supply and demand. I get it. I just won't buy it (pun intended).

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