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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It only means demo gets too badly confused if CPU is too fast. I can duplicate demo crash (due to stack corruption) without JIT.
Ok, so its possible to crash the demo also without JIT! (thx for the answer)

If I get it right, it means that the problem was in the demo and not emu!

Really bugging me all the time how it is possible that an excessive speed may have an effect on the execution of the program !? (so the dilemma is finally resolved)

So, if the "demo gets too badly confused if CPU is too fast" could mean that the one who programmed it was also confused (ie.was in a hurry), right!?

No, according to number of AGA demos found, it cant be said that the coder was unexperienced!
Have been checked also some other demos from the same coder and did not find any problem! (all worked fine on JIT)

So, the Shameless demo crash was possible to duplicate without JIT on emulator - wonder if would be possible to duplicate on a real machine too!? (if one with a such speed would exist)

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