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There was a dutch company making MSX games back at the 80s, called "Aacksoft" (Nearly sure Ronald Pieket worked with them), they rarely made original games, most of their games were "inspired" by classics... and usually better than oficial ports (Oh Shit! was better tham Namco's Pacman on the System, Apeman was better than the oficial Donkey Kong MSX port, etc).

One of their few "original" games was a nice game called "Kick-it"

And now I find out it wasn't original. It was a version of this speccy game called Timebomb I had never heard about.

Except Kick It has one single difference that makes it a lot more playable: you can scroll rows and lines of tiles, so you can find a way to keep moving when you get "trapped".

Unfortunately the only video of this game on YouTube is being played by someone who has no idea of what to do on the game (and also never uses the scroll tiles feature, you have to hold the button and push the joystick to the direction you want to see the tiles moving)

[ Show youtube player ]

Really nice to learn something new about such an old game
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