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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Just because the version number is higher doesn't mean they are 'newer' or 'better' then the ones included in OS3.9......
Of course for components that were upgraded for OS3.5/3.9 (V44/45) these wouldn't be replaced with V41/V42 components. I'm only talking about those OS3.1 components (V40) that were unchanged in OS3.5/3.9 (which is not many, contrary to myth).

For example, to take the first 3 from gulliver's list:
OS3.9 Clock is 40.1 (25/8/93), this could be replaced with clock 42.1 (4.2.94)
OS3.9 locale.library is 44.6 (7/11/99), so wouldn't replace it with locale.library 42.1 (23.8.93)
OS3.9 iffparse.library is 40.1 (9/2/93), this could be replaced with iffparse.library 42.2 (16.8.93)
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