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Originally posted by MOS-6581
6x C64
3x C64C
If you need a 1541-II or a Star NX-1000C dotmatrix printer for these babies, let me know!

1xEscom A1200
Hey, that's greedy! Share with us less Amiga-endowed!

1x Amiga CD32 with SX-1 Expansion with 4MB Fast RAM plus A2000 Keyboard. (I got this for free at a boot fair would you believe! However the power supply was broken, so I had to mod a A500 P/S for it. Also got another A500Plus on the same day.)
That's it, I'm jealous I paid Au$200 for my CD32 in 95, and have been after a SX(1 or 32) at a decent price ever since...

Whew! I got to start slimming down the collection after going through all that!
I'd gladly "store" some stuff for you

My collection consists of:
1x CD32
1x PC
Assorted peripherals from C64 & A500 that I didn't sell off at the same time...
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