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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I just hack this thing until it becomes something I want it to be (don't try to suggest anything, I won't listen), everything that is part of low level emulation code is far too inter-connected. Especially debugger which needs to connect to every part without causing extra slow down when not in use.

It is now the phase between betas where lots of major changes will be done and when I have no idea when things are stable enough again.

Anyway, next beta should be out by next sunday.
Ok, thanks for the info, I will grab the sources next Sunday then!

I had not realized that the "3220" commits are related to the beta versions of 3.2.2 and this just dawned on me while browsing the commits a few minutes. Silly kitty.

I asked because it is frequent to use branches to split work by functionality to make it simpler to track multiple things concurrently so I assumed that is what you did on your local Git repository. Also since the version is in beta I assumed that you would not add low level modifications which might reduce stability hence why I thought you had a local branch but everyone has their own workflow and now I understand how yours work.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(don't try to suggest anything, I won't listen)
This part confuses me. What do you mean?

I am not sure if you are talking about the architecture of the code, or source control workflow, or general collaboration. I do not think you are implying that you do not welcome coordination or that you are opposed to any change by principle so clearly I must be misunderstanding what you are referring to.

Just to make myself clear in case you are referring to something I said that was not clear (and this would not be the first time I said something unclear) my interest is just to bring to get the heatmap on OS X so I just wanted to know how you managed these commits.

If you think branches are a good idea (or not) for coordinated work, well, I am sure willing to listen to your suggestions but for my use case and given that you are likely quite busy with the beta I have no need for it at the moment. I was just curious.

Thanks again for the update, I will be eagerly watching overt Github.
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