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I don't know if the images are free, but it seems so (GNU):

I will take a look to see where do you have your actual images and I can try to use them instead resized and using PeterK's 16 colors palette and take a pic if so. What size are you actually using for them? Edit: Forget it, I see they are 40x40, iff.

Edit: About the icon, if you just take the one of your previous version and you copy it over the existing, it was right in that version. Surely packing it it lost some attributes or something. I've unpacked it on Windows, but it should have to be right like in your previous versions.

Edit2: Sorry, I hadn't seen what you've got in your package -and it's great it has all of the icons-. In the icons drawer the only one that is bad is the "AmimodRadio2.tool", the rest are fine, so you can use the AmimodRadio1.tool and delete the other.

Edit 3: Changing the buttons images.
This is with the existing buttons:

And this with the ones of my post. They use 16 colors instead of 256 yours use:

Your buttons with black border:

I've attached the images so you can see if you like any .
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