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Returning fan!

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Hi there again

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
It's just the of the AmimodRadio program (the drawer is right). It is corrupted, at least it was for me after downloading your update. I've just used the older with CopyIcon and now it's ok.

I will download it again now and I will show an screenshot editing this post.

Ah, thanks! Now I understand but I don't know what happened, would you mind sending me the corrected icon so I am sure to have one that "works" (maybe through PM?)

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
The window size can be ok, but the buttons corners will make it look perfect, finished .
Thanks for your work.
My pleasure! I learned a lot (and I have a lot more to learn )

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
BTW you see it gives you the option to use it's own MUI screen. You could prepare it with a nice background and many other things if you wish, just like "SongFace" -in Aminet- lets you customize SongPlayer. But that would be a lot of work.
Let me try SongFace... guess it will depend on how much is "lot of work"...

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Edit: About resizing the buttons images that's not any problem, just send them to me (original format better) and tell me what size do you want.

Thinking now about the buttons corners surely the background depends in the MUI prefs of your system, and then you coudn't change them, so you better use another square buttons for it. Just thinking. Of course I could add also a black square background for your existing buttons and also resize them, but it would be surely better if they are square images from the beginning.

Maybe using these for example:
Nice images! Are they free (i.e., CC or something?)... if so, could I use them? Actually, I could certainly program AMR to pick different icon sets depending on some preferences

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