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Originally Posted by 4mat_ View Post
I'm intrigued why ST sound emulation would need more than a 68000, can you grab the mixer register & tone/noise frequencies and do a direct conversion with chip waves? At least that's how I'm wrapping around the AY to play them on c64. (with a table to grab the buzzer sync frequencies if they're needed, most early games didn't) In my experience the timing/envelope stuff wasn't used very much in favour of the volume registers, so I left all that out which made it a lot easier to get working.
Its not the sound thats the problem, its the way i convert ST games that is.

Rather than me hack each game and change every single routine to blit Amiga format graphics and change each ST image into one thats natively understood by the Amiga, i wait until the ST code has built the Atari screen in memory to display, and then in realtime, convert that ST image to an Amiga one every frame.

That routine is VERY processor heavy for a 68000, and couple with expecting the cpu to then also do a realtime conversion of the sound and music, its just too much.

And unless David Whittaker was doing the music, the Amiga version would have sounded differently in any case.

I dont want to exclude A500 owners, if i have to do that, then id rather not bother at all.
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