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Hi guys, I find this thread very interesting, I want to talk about my experiences with the sound of Amiga.

First of all, I want to say, there are most wonderful games in Amiga that sounds MUSIC+SFX. Turrican saga, Soccer Kid, Xenon, Alien Syndrome, Arabian Nights, Mr Nutz, Apidya, Lethat Xcess, Uridium 2... and many more.

Some time ago, we made, 2 games for MSX computers:

[ Show youtube player ] and [ Show youtube player ] (yes, with the Graftgold and Hewson agreement)

I made the graphics and SFX for this games, using this tool:

[ Show youtube player ] by Shiru.

This tool allous to make, visually and easily, the same as most 80s and 90s developers do by coding in ASM for 8bit computers. It can change the volume and tone each Vblank frame.

If you try to do a game for Amiga and you want to use a lot of different SFX as a single complete samples, you will spend a lot of memory, that is why some games have not too much different SFX.

But, you know? this is not new, the Amiga games I mention use the same way that AYFX and 8bit games do, they reproduce and small looping sample and change the pitch and volume each vblank frame, Turrican saga and David Whittaker do in the 80s, games for 512k memory, with MUSIC+SFX at once with lots of different SFX.

Maybe someone can code a tool like AYFX for Amiga, can be the same, with the extra of choose between some looping small samples. And, we can make our wide variety of SFX with smalll memory expense.
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