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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

Yes, all of them. That was my post´s point
Sorry, I thought you was comparing to 3.1 :-)
Looking at the wait command I can only see a 37.3 binary so I assume you are looking at the source.

Wait V42 has an additional FILE parameter (wait for file). This seems like quite a nice addition.

I found a note here about v42:
Heinz Wrobel corrects Holger Kruse's earlier comments in regards to v42: "V42 was not used for stuff done by/for Amiga Technologies/Amiga International. V43 is the number." Holger's earlier comments read as follows: "V42 was used for a few modules of an internal WB 3.2 alpha version, consisting, among other things, of some new and updated shell commands ("list" with sort function, "owner" etc.), which were eventually distributed with Envoy. This happened in the first half of 1993, i.e. before Commodore died and long before AT took over. AT later continued to use the version number V42 for its own stuff though (Setpatch etc.)."
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