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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Delirium (1991)(Complex)[a][A92#2] in tosec works slightly better (non-a has same problem), less glitches but some still remain.

COMPLEX-Delirium.DMS (kestra bitworld) CRC=1AC2E2E3 (on download it says CRC: 798D4619 ... hmm, seems .adf was replaced with .dms version, but why !?)

Complex-Delirium.adf (arabuusimiehet) CRC=798D4619 (FAQ says: "Everything you see here is hand checked and verified to be working")

Delirium (1991)(Complex)[A92#2].adf (tosec) CRC=798D4619

Delirium (1991)(Complex)[a][A92#2].adf (tosec) CRC=65BC50C1

So, according to real Amiga testing CRC=65BC50C1 from tosec works the best!?


OK, after changing .DMS version to .ADF:

dms2adf.exe COMPLEX-Delirium.DMS COMPLEX-Delirium.ADF (new ADF CRC=798D4619), CRC=1AC2E2E3 .DMS version is exactly same as CRC=798D4619 .ADF version!!!

Also noticed one difference between two tosec versions:

the CRC=65BC50C1 version contains also one additional "vector part" with 3D COMPLEX logo rotation before the ship entrance into the base!

EDIT2: @ED-209

If you want to see the CRC=798D4619 demo running without glitches, use an old version of emulator, like f.e. WinUAE 2.0.1 (2009.12.23) !!! (just tested)

Now its understandable how it happened that it sneaked through the "arabuusimiehet" demo collection even though was "hand checked and verified to be working"!
Yeah, it was running fine on an earlier (read less accurate) version of the WinUAE emulator in that time! (so, has not been tested on a real machine)

It certainly could not happen in today's WinUAE emulator for much greater accuracy!
So it would not be a bad idea to double-check all the previously tested demos, just in case! (if there is a new volunteer ready for the task)
(otherwise a great demo collection, just a pity that it was not checked on a real machine)

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