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Amiga OS 3.1 Source code leaked yesterday

You can stand by it all you want but its wrong. Plain and simple. Secondly, when did you become a spokesman or an employee for Hyperion or Cloanto? I dont know what kind of strange perversion you are getting out of this whole ordeal but its over. Really this whole leak is none of your business or non of your affair. If you turned in Github or any of the other 10 download sites you can get it from now, good for you. You deserve a lollipop. But otherwise man get on with real life. I sure as hell wouldnt be making defensive statements for either of those companies unless they paid me a crap ton of money to do it.

Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
I am sorry, there is more to it, and I stand by my statement.

The day the repository went up (Thursday, December 31st 2015) a DMCA takedown notice was submitted to GitHub. That takedown notice was not processed until Monday, January 4th 2015, but not executed. The notice came back with a request to resubmit it.

This was frustrating, as you can imagine.
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