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It seems like Toni is unstoppable once he has started to work on a new feature.

Btw, Toni, I cannot see any corresponding commit on the GitHub repository. I looked for available branches for this development but only master is available. I assume you are working on local branches?

I want to use the feature on OS X so would it be possible to make these commits available? A dedicated branch would be ideal I guess if you do not want to pollute the master branch with a not-yet-official code base initially?

Thanks in advance!

My plan is to merge the corresponding commits in a recent FS-UAE dev version so I can use the heatmap on OS X. Hopefully, Fröde can then pull the adaptation straight into his branch afterward.

Also, the fact that WinUAE has only a "master" branch got me puzzled: do you always work directly in master for new developments? I assume you have local branches to avoid stepping on your own toes between beta versions, fixes for the released version and various new developments but the history shows only commits to master.
Do you always merge these different histories back to master before pushing to GitHub?
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