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If you're playing from disk then try and enable all 4 disk drives first so you don't have to keep on swapping using df0.

When swapping disks if it doesn't recognise the disk, try ejecting the disk first (ie leave the drive empty), press ok then hit f12 again and insert the required disk.

Make sure you're using the latest WinUAE (8.22R7)

Like cody said, it's best to play games like this from harddisk, tutorials here thanks to paul . They usually have an installer on disk 1.

If a game doesn't have an installer, try doing some reading about WHDload.

Third option is to install a pre-made WB, like the ClassicWB or AIAB but don't come running to me if you can't get it to work - there are LOADS of threads and advice on WHDload games if you go searching.

Either way, you'll need valid Workbench disks to play games from HD or if you're lucky you may find a HDF (hard disk file) version of a game ready to be run without workbench.

Happy reading!

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