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Originally Posted by jayminer View Post
I really do like 3.9 and think it's a good improvement over 3.1, what I don't like is GlowIcons, I don't like how they look and they are really slow so I always replace them with MagicWB instead, and then 3.9 feels just as fast and a little more modern than 3.1.
The slowness is a result of the shortcomings of the workbench.library/icon.library architecture.

Workbench has to scan the contents of a directory and at the same time figure out what to do with the icons when it encounters them.

Directory scanning in general is slow to begin with, but reading the icons throws another spanner into the works, so to speak. There is no cache, and there is no shortcut to reading only the icon file portions immediately relevant for Workbench (that would be the image data).

What does help to cut down the scanning times is to use icon files which are small and can be read quickly, and limiting the number of files stored in a drawer.
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