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Originally Posted by chaos View Post
MiST, at least in the case of the minimig core, will output a PAL @ 50Hz or NTSC @ 60Hz, both in either 15kHz or scandoubled to 30kHz. This will be usually detected as a 720x576p (PAL 50Hz) or 640x480p (NTSC 60Hz) mode. There is no framerate conversion, and probably never will be.

Actually, you'd be surprised how many monitors/TVs actually support 50Hz/30kHz on the VGA input. Not all of course, so if you want to be sure your monitor will work, a short test is needed, or google for your manufacturer/model, there might be someone with the same one.

Samsungs usually work, Dells too (some even support 15kHz mode!), LG monitor TVs work great, I have bad experiences with HP (semi-pro) monitors.

EDIT: fixed explanation
Originally Posted by Total Eclipse View Post
By default, it will output a VGA progressive signal at whatever frequency the normal computer would (so an NTSC Amiga or Atari ST would do 60Hz, PAL would be 50Hz). My TV's won't accept a 50Hz VGA signal, however some of the cores can be told to disable the scan doubler, and instead output a typical RGB SCART signal. You need to buy or make the appropriate cable, but it works very well.

I connect my Mist via SCART and can use all the cores I mentioned in my previous post. There are some that I'd still be interested in trying, but at the moment can't because the scan doubler can't be disabled (The Amstrad core, for one).
Ok, thanks again for the info I guess, MiST woulkd make one helluva retrogaming system.
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