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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
Thanks Olaf for answer. So would it be wise to switch from wb 3.1 to 3.9? And try to fix and update 3.9 if it's more actual and still compatible? I left amiga scene in 98 and have no idea what had happens next (I use winuae with wb3.1 because I have it on my real amiga).
Regardless of its flaws and the abrupt termination of development work on the 68k AmigaOS 3.x branch I would still consider the Workbench 3.5/3.9 updates to be worthwhile. A lot of work went into improving the stability and quality of the software.

It may not sound like much, but for example the datatypes are a lot more robust and functionally complete (3.1 sound.datatype did not play stereo sound correctly - 3.5 sound.datatype did; 3.1 anim.datatype was very crash prone - 3.5 anim.datatype performed a huge number of sanity checks on the data, it also supported many more IFF-ANIM formats than the 3.1 version). This is just one of example of how the overall software quality improved significantly during the 3.5 development work.

Many parts of the user interface had been revamped for the 3.5 update. It looks and works differently. Significantly more changes happened under the hood in order to provide more robust performance.

The 3.5 update was the kind of update we, the developers, were keen to use.

Would result of tweaking 3.1 be doomed to end as 3.5/3.9? Aren't people lose their time?
From my point of view (I had/have been heavily involved in the 3.5 and 3.9 updates, and subsequently AmigaOS 4) I doubt that enhancing the 3.1 code from its late 1994 state makes good sense.

I already did that three times so far, and while each iteration brought new challenges and changes (e.g. we cleaned up all the shell commands during the transition to AmigaOS 4), you look back at a mountain of work and wonder how everybody involved managed to pull it off.

Starting over from the 3.1 code without the benefit of having access to the massive set of changes that occured during the development of the 3.5 and 3.9 updates I would consider exceptionally challenging. For starters, one would have to make the old code build and work correctly again, which is very tough to begin with. Enough said
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