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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
@Olaf Barthel

Speaking about differences between 3.1 and 3.5/3.9, could youu shed some light on the compilers used for 3.5/3.9?

At first sight, it seems that some code on 3.5/3.9 was compiled with StormC. Did you still use GreenHills for that one?
Those components which Haage & Partner produced may have been created using StormC (I did not check). As for the components which replaced existing Commodore-created software (e.g. icon.library) or updated them (e.g. workbench.library, printer.device), these were all created with SAS/C 6.59.

The Green Hills compiler by that time had long lost its relevance. It had been necessary to compile intuition.library, was used for certain printer drivers, but that was it. Nobody at the time (1998/1999) would have found it necessary, helpful or even useful: it did not support ANSI 'C', there was no source level debugger, and the list goes on.

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